King Aiden Perenolde
Aiden Perenolde


King of Alterac
Lord of the Syndicate


Kingdom of Alterac
Alliance of Lordaeron (Betrayed)
Orcish Horde (Formerly)
Alterac Syndicate


Isolde Perenolde (Wife, Deceased)
Aliden Perenolde (Son, Deceased)
Beve Perenolde (Daughter)
Isiden Perenolde (Nephew)
Daval Prestor ("Distant Cousin", Deceased)



King Aiden Perenolde was the King of the Kingdom of Alterac until his betrayal in the Second War against the Alliance of Lordaeron by allowing the Orcish Horde free passage through the Kingdom of Alterac. Alterac is one of the seven human kingdoms that were formed after the collapse of the Arathorian Empire. As one of the Kings of the Seven Kingdoms, he was present during the creation of the Alliance of Lordaeron where he begrudgingly pledged his nations support to stem the advance of the Orcish Horde which had already ravaged the southern Kingdom of Azeroth.